Monday, May 18, 2009

What the Heck is a Mondegreen?

There is truly a word for everything. I was reading my "Real Simple" magazine this weekend and discovered that when you sing the wrong lyrics to a song that is called a mondegreen.


I think most of us are guilty of doing that....singers totally mumble sometimes.... and when you wanna sing along, well, you just sing what you hear, right?

Awhile back there was a commercial on TV that spoofed mondegreens. Two people were walking down the street and one was belting out the lyrics to Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer.' Unfortunately he was singing: "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" instead of "Hold me closer, tiny dancer."

Close but no cigar.

Here are a few others that are pretty funny.

"Science healed the liver...I'm yours."

should be

"Signed, sealed, delivered...I'm yours" by Stevie Wonder

"Wake me up to pour your cocoa"

should be

"Wake me up before you go-go" by Wham!

"Village cheese in not my lover"

should be

"Billy Jean is not my lover" from Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean'

"Another one rides the bus"

should be

"Another one bites the dust" by Queen from the song of the same name

"Like detergent/Drunk for the very first time"

should be

"Like a virgin/Touched for the very first time" from Madonna's "Like a Virgin"

Next time your not quite sure of the words to a song, visit this handy website.

And if you just want more funny mis-heard lyrics, check out this site.



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