Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What are you barking at NOW!?

I thought dogs were supposed to have super duper, extra sensitive hearing. I think that is just a myth so they can bark for no reason under pretense of protecting their masters.

I have pretty good hearing to overcompensate for how bad my vision is---although somehow my hearing goes to hell when my contacts are out. And when my kids wake up at night. Funny how that works. (grin)

But seriously, I never hear a darn thing when that dog barks, other than her barking, of course. Oh and me (or my husband or both of us) yelling at her to STOP BARKING! Yet when there is someone at the door, when an unknown car pulls into our driveway or when an unknown creature is scrabbling around under my house.....nothing.


Half the time I think she is dreaming and wakes up to bark at whatever critter she was chasing in her little doggie mind.

Sure enough---she is asleep now and just busted out of her bed to bark at....NOTHING.

And she just did it again.

And again....

I think instead of a bark collar I am going to get her an aluminum foil hat to block her dreams.

Wait...maybe that just blocks aliens from getting into your head. I'll have to research that but it can't hurt right?

Update: Since I have been writing, she has shot out of her bed at least five times. Wait...make that ten now. I'm getting hoarse.




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