Saturday, May 31, 2008

DLL Rainwear's Next Private Label Rain Boot!!

Announcing the newest DLL Rainwear Private Label boot! This is a design we have been working on for quite sometime. We have finally gotten it just right and we KNOW it is going to be a huge hit!!

Introducing..........The Poop Boot!!

These are the perfect boots to wear when you are:

  • scooping poop in your backyard

  • cleaning out horse/pig/chicken stalls

  • changing diapers

  • ready to kick the cr@p outta someone

  • when you are just having a poopy day

See? PERFECT!! :-)

Okay....this is a joke. We really aren't making these. But they are pretty funny AND oh-so functional!

Bloggin off for now.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Virtual Barbie Dress Up #1

We have been getting some great new stuff in stock and I decided to play dress up. Well not really but on my blog. I wish I had a virtual Barbie I could actually dress up. Hear that people??

Despite the lack of my virtual doll, here is my first "Rainwear Ensemble" from the top down.

Strawberry Umbrella by Pasotti

Tomato Red Rain coat by Rainforest (not yet posted on our site but we have it!)

Black Lady Ns Rain boots by Hunter

If Tabitha, our resident mannequin, wasn't so scary, I'd dress her up and show you how fantastic this outfit would look. But for those of you who have seen her, well, you know why I am not doing this. And for those of you who haven't....feast your eyes:

AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Mrs. Unibomber, is she not?

Okay...pretend she is not there......

Stay tuned for more Dress Up blogs. May as well have a little fun!

Bloggin off for now.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Again!

I can't upload photos again!

Can you say irritated?




Bubblegum Alley

I was in SLO (otherwise know as San Luis Obispo, CA) this past weekend and took some pictures of Gum Alley. My husband had never seen it before and was intrigued yet more than a little grossed out. Personally? I think it rocks. Or sticks. Whatever the case may be.

Apparently this tradition began in or around 1960 when someone stuck a piece of gum on the wall. Then someone else put a piece of gum. And so on and so on. What used to be called Garden Alley is now known as Bubblegum or Gumball Alley. ABC gum at its finest!! Just goes to show, anything can be art. In fact, artists have actually visited the site and created gum-art.

Along with gum, wrappers are also used in Gum Alley such as in this fine, fine piece of art.

Disgusting though it may be, it is truly a must see when you visit this fun college town. But be warned--it isn't for the weak stomached or faint of heart. Nah, it is not really that bad as long as you don't think about it. Millions and millions of sticky, slobbery pieces of gum SO close to you on both sides of this really narrow alley.....

Damn! I sure hope this wasn't all in someones mouth at once. Hubba Bubba explosion!

There is actually a fairly big write up about Bubblegum Alley in Wikipedia. Provides a lot more history and some pretty cool pictures too.

Chew ya later.....

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Gorgeous Italian Umbrellas

We just got the most beautiful Italian umbrellas. They are so gorgeous that the photos we have don't do them justice but here are some pictures anyway.

We also have three other umbrellas by this same Italian company that have fruit designs on them. There is one with apples, one with oranges and one with strawberries. Very fun and colorful!
This umbrella maker has some absolutely spectacular things. They have umbrellas with Swarovski crystals as well as other beads and amazing embellishments as well as handles in silver, gold, special wood etc. You can basically customize your own umbrella it you have the desire and a load of cash. Here are a few of my favorites (which we don't have as they cost a FORTUNE). And seriously? Would you be able to bring this amazing piece of art into a downpour? Me neither.

Fabric Flower Umbrella--I love this one!

This one has tiny shimmery seed beads sewn into floral shapes along the edge of the umbrella. And the gold handle? Fancy! Reminds me of Princess Diana.

Bloggin off for now.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Tears...Rolling Down My Face...Laughing So Hard

Last month, my family got together at my parent's house. My sister, Tara, and I were out walking our dogs. Her dog, Zoey, a mini-Dach, (otherwise known as a wiener (dog)) was standing in front of me and I accidentally stepped on her foot. She seemed fine and we kept walking down the street and back. When we got back to the house we noticed she was limping and her foot was bleeding. She had a broken toenail which bled and bled and bled.... It dawned on us later that I probably broke her nail (which was about an inch long---can you say puppy needs a pedi?) when I stepped on her little paw. I felt SO bad!

About a week later I called my sister on her birthday and mentioned that if she had to take Zoey into the vet to let me know and I would pay for it since I was the wound-inflicter.

A few days pass and I get this email from my sister:

This letter is to a very dangerous person who just goes around breaking people's wieners without a thought or care. I have a bill payable by you for one extremely broken wiener. This bill for is for $2,500,000. This wiener has lost its mobility and its spark for life. It just sits around sad and lifeless. $2,499,999 is being collected for emotional damage and $1 is being collected for the wet paper towel, tube sock, ACE bandage, masking tape, and old T shirt use to stop the immense bleeding.

Our company expects payment within ten days of receipt of this letter. If this bill is not paid we will send out our bill collector/bounty hunter Chancho Lopez (see pic) to collect for us. He is a dangerous and impatient guy who will fly off the handle at any given moment. For your safety we suggest you pay us soon!

Dr. Wong, Veterinarian

Chancho Lopez--this is my sister's goat. Doesn't he look like he is a little psycho?

I emailed her back and said before I paid this bill, I expected visual proof that this wiener dog was indeed broken. This is what I got:


Notice that none of her feet are wrapped up??

I don't know if anyone else will find this funny but I laughed so hard when I read this, I was crying for about 10 minutes. Obviously a bizarre sense of humor runs in our gene pool.

Doggie Bloggy over and out.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

On The Doorstep

I was visiting a friend a few weeks ago and saw this when I walked up to her door:

Her boots are under a shaded overhang so she is not breaking the No Sun, No Heat rain boot creedo. My friend and her daughters always look very stylish wearing their matching yet different colored boots. These are the women's and kid's Kamik Daisy rain boots. The pattern is under a layer of clear PVC so it won't fade or scratch.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Blog of All Words

I have been trying to blog all week but apparently there are technical issues which are affecting the uploading of photos. What is a blog without pictures???? ARGH!

I have all of these humorous and oh-so-informative blogs all waiting for photos....the essence of which would be lost without the critical visual aspect. Thus there they sit....waiting. Thankfully I had a few other blogs already complete that I could publish.

But I figured I had still better post something even though there would be no pictures. So here goes...

Last night my kids had Open House at school. My youngest is in Kindergarten. They had to answer questions about themselves and their parents. Here is what my son said about me and his dad:

My mom is 40 years old (true), is 14 feet tall and 100 pounds (Damn! I am tall and skin-nee!) She always tells me to be quiet (very, very true) and her favorite thing to do is work on the computer (well...maybe not my favorite but I am always on my computer). If I had a magic wand, I would make my mom not have to work on her computer anymore. (Aw...)

My dad is 39 years old, weighs 200 pounds and is 20 feet tall. He likes to wrestle with me but does not like to pick up dog poo (apparently I do...?!) My favorite thing to do with my dad is watch him catch gophers (scintillating!)

Kids are so funny.

This is what he said about himself:

My favorite dinner is hot dogs with ketchup (I thought it was Mac & Cheese AND that he liked mustard on his dogs. Guess I'm selling my Kraft and French's stock and investing in Oscar Meyer and Heinz). He also wrote that he wants to be a karate teacher when he grows up. You would never know it from all the whining he does about going to karate. Maybe he just wants to be able to kick ass and take names. Which he does pretty well already.

I hope they fix that glitch soon. I sure miss my photos.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Operation Experimentation Update #2

Awhile ago I put a pair of Black Tattoo City boots on my front porch to see how the sun would affect them. The left boot had one application of LaCrosse Rubber Conditioner, the right had nothing. I wanted to see:

#1. How long it would take for the sun to begin to damage the rubber

#2. If a rubber conditioner could help prevent this damage

Now that the boots have been sitting on my porch for a few weeks I thought I had better take a gander at them to see what's up.

We have had a few really warm days but overall it has been sunny and in the 70s. The boots are in the sun maybe 2 to 3 hours a day, morning sun only. So not even the super strong, afternoon sun.

Other than looking a might bit dusty, they still look fine. But upon closer inspection, I noticed when I 'pinched' the rubber together on the front of the boots, it cracked. When I did this, I could actually hear the rubber make a crackling sound. The cracks themselves were very thin, hairline 'fractures' that ran all along the front of the boots where the sun shone on them and appeared on both boots. The sides and backs of the boots don't appear to be affected at all. The rubber there is still supple and not showing any UV damage.

(I took a bunch of pictures but it was difficult to get a clear, close up photo of the damage. Hopefully you can see the tiny lines in the rubber in this picture. You can see them best on the black area below the skull and crossbones. They appear white and look like scratches.)

Bottom Line:

Sun: 1
Rubber Boots: 0

The next few days are going to seriously heat up, potentially over 100 degrees. I put another round of the rubber conditioner on the left boot and sat them back out on their porch location as shown above. I'll check back on them (and report back to you) in a few more weeks.

Although I do think the rubber conditioner is helpful and is good for maintaining the shine and moisture in the rubber, the sun is just too detrimental to rubber. Boots can't be left in the sun at all without them becoming damaged very quickly.

So be sure to tuck those boots away in a cool, dark place when they aren't on your feet.

Bloggin' off for now.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Death Wish

I was driving my kids to karate the other day (yes, I realize that soon they will be able to take me down in unison with their roundhouse kicks. No one said I thought this through beforehand...) and I almost hit a guy on a bicycle.

Not only was he riding on a very busy Expressway, but apparently besides being out of breath and out of shape he was:

A. Blind
B. Stupid
C. Reckless
D. All of the above
E. Did I mention blind, stupid and reckless???

I was in the right lane exiting onto an offramp. He was at the point where he had to exit or move left to stay on the Expressway. He looked over his shoulder (No way, he is not really gonna go is he?), decided he was clear and yes, crossed right in front of me in the middle of the exit. I guess to him a 10,000 pound Honda Odyssey van 50 feet from him going 40 miles an hour was mere child’s play. (I don't know if that is what my vans weighs or not but outweighed his fat arse by quite a bit!)

Good thing I anticipate for dipsh!ts but I still had to slam on my breaks and came within about 8 feet from hitting him.

Honestly? I don’t think he even knew it. (He was most definitely D. All of the Above and then some!)

Huffy VS Honda? I’m gonna win every time, buddy.

Bloggin off my soapbox for now.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

75 Cent's New Album

Yo, Dawgs. This be 75 Cent barkin atcha. My new record is coming out soon. Songs include:

  • Can't See My Tattoos

  • Damn, Girl, Your Breath is So Bad it's Good!

  • Barkin at Nothin

  • Sniffin Butt

  • Kickin Kibble

  • Dawg Park Afternoon

  • Scratchin Feels SO Good

  • Nothin Tastes as Good as My Own Barf

This is one of my sister's dogs. I think she has WAY too much time on her hands. And no comments about how I spent 15 minutes turning this photo into a blog, okay?
75 Cent Out

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally We Found Some Fabulous New Rain Coats

We have been on the hunt for some gorgeous women's rain coats to add to our collection. And finally! We have hit paydirt!

The Damask coats have a durable laminated finish (basically an oilcloth type material) which makes them water and stainproof but yet they don't feel super stiff. Any wrinkles will release over time especially in a warmer environment---just don't be tempted to use an iron as this will damage the cloth. We also have a matching rain hat and tote (although I don't see them on the website yet).

These are just two of the new coats we have in stock and there are more to come. We have some super fashionable and super sexy coats coming in for fall so stay tuned for updates on those.

Bloggin off for now.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fantasia and Robyn--Those First Name Only Gals

This morning on the radio station I listen to, all they were talking about was Fantasia's performance on American Idol last night. I didn't see it but they played a clip...YIKES.

But then I was watching the View this morning and saw Robyn. I have no clue who she is but she and Fantasia should go bowling together. Here is her Letterman video of the same song:

The 80s are back. Long bangs, synthesizers but seriously....WTF is up with the bear heads????

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our customers often take the time to email us and let us know their experience shopping with DLL Rainwear. Here is an email I received today that I wanted to share:


I recently ordered two pairs of boots through your site, and I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with both the boots and your great service. I found you by Googling “rain boots”, and by the time I finished scrolling through all the boots, I discovered I had added about 27 pairs to my shopping cart and needed to pare it back!

My boots arrived in 10 days (CALENDAR days, not business days!), are exactly what I ordered, and fit just like you tell me they will fit. I didn’t have to pay any hidden costs, like a surprise customs charge or GST, which is always a concern when ordering across the border.

I’m hoping you’ll start to get a lot of orders from Calgary, Alberta, because I’ve been gushing about this site and your great service to everyone who admires my new boots!

Thanks again,

Jenny in Calgary

Here is what Jenny bought:

Giant Spot Rain Boots by Chooka:

She also bought these:

Sperry's After Sail Zip Rain Shoes

Thank YOU Jenny, for taking the time to email us. We are thrilled you are thrilled! :-)

NOTE: Duty and customs fees will vary by country. DLL Rainwear has no control over the imposition of these fees on our customers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Meet Tabitha, DLL Rainwear’s Resident Creepy Chick

Awhile back, we bought our mail order bride, Tabitha (her name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). We needed a mannequin to take photos of women’s rain coats. She looked great in the pictures we saw online. A little sexy even. Then we got her. DUN DUN DUN! She is frickin scary!! (She actually looks better in photos than in person. See below where she models her female Unibomber look).

Tabitha has been in pieces (don’t ask—I don’t know why) in our photo room for ages. Every time I walk by, she skeeves me out. Makes me jump. She has freaky powers.

In fact, she is so creepy the shipping crew routinely hides her around the warehouse and scares the crap out of each other.

The last DLL Scare-down event took place on April Fool’s day. One of the Customer Service reps hid Tabitha’s ‘body’ in a corner of the bathroom and threw her arms in the sink. Our poor warehouse manager…. He claims he was ‘startled’. Translation: he screamed like a little girl. So she does have her uses. Just not for modeling women’s rain coats. Ya think???

I think this is the next ‘bride’ we’ll be buying:

Or maybe....

No, seriously...

No more scary scary…. Simple. Functional. Headless. I’ll totally take the little black decorative knob (sorta reminds me of a shrunken head actually) over Tabitha’s creepy eyes that follow you everywhere and strike fear into the hearts of grown, burly warehouse men.

I found this quote from online mannequin store, Mannequin Madness:

We work with a bunch of stiffs and dummies - and love it!
(I also borrowed some pictures from their site as well--thanks guys!)

I’ll bet they are all living in fear around their warehouse! Hee hee hee.

Bloggin off for now…

P.S. Anyone looking for a quiet yet creepy wife?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What? NO!! It Couldn't Be....a REAL Person!?

In today's world of automated voice mails and customer service 'Help (HA HA HA HA) Lines', this really rings true:

So kudos to all companies who don't make you run the gauntlet to get a real, live, breathing person on the line within a few rings. Although DLL Rainwear isn't a 24/7 operation, if you call us during business hours Monday through Friday you might also hang up the phone in a panic just like Fred...or is that Earnest? And if we don't pick up? Leave a message. We do call people back (if they leave us their phone number that is).

Visit Frank and Earnest online for more great funnies.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wanted: Deaf or Alive

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that my birthday was April 1st. I officially joined the 4-0 club. Today I got a brochure in the mail:




Monday, May 5, 2008

My Dream SwimSuit

I am going to the beautiful island of Kauai in June and have already begun the hunt for a swimsuit since I will be spending 80% of my time on the beach. I want to find something that looks cute but isn't too revealing and is something I can actual SWIM IN.
As any woman knows, this is a task that brings with it tears, swear words, setting up camp in various dressing rooms, (remember to pack bottled water, snacks and ProZac) realizing with a start that yes, that IS your big ol' butt in the 3 way mirror and even bouts of drinking because a woman can only take so much looking in the mirror and shrieking in fear. At herself. If you sober up and don't give up easily, you may walk away victorious with a decent swimsuit. And at least a $100 credit card bill for said item. To cross this TO DO off your list, you may want to start in January. Which is why I honestly think department stores bring swim suits in stock so early. (But you will still be pasty white and be packing those extra 5 or 10 winter hibernation pounds...)

My main swimsuit issue is I am shall we say, well endowed in the chest area. So I can't wear those tiny little scrap tops you small busted ladies are lucky enough to be able to pull off. I need support. Reinforcement. Scaffolding. Rebar.

I need underwire bras in my swim suits.

Photo from the Scaffolding Training Institute. Now THESE guys could help me!

Underwire swim tops do exist but honestly they aren't that great. Most of them are more of a single wire going under both boobs which doesn't lift AND separate but mainly smooshes. Thus....the uni-boob.
Not pretty.

I truly believe there should be a caucus or some forum uniting good bra makers such as Walcoal with swimsuit makers to create the ultimate swim top. Sexy. Supporting. NO UNIBOOB. Think Pamela Anderson at 100 running down the beach with two well supported breasts and minimal bounce. (Those babies can't defy gravity forever...can they??)

In case you are wondering.....I'm not THAT big and mine are real.

So in the event anyone who works for either a bra company or swimsuit maker reads this post...please. I beg of you. Join forces. You will be the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of the swimsuit world (great separately but oh-so-much better together).

Bouncing...I mean bloggin off for now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Comin' Round the Mountain in the Fall

Thought I would share a new Chooka rain boot we will be carrying for fall. This is a totally new look for Chooka and is already getting a lot of interest by fashion editors.

This is the Chooka Plaid Riding boot that retails for $90.00. The upper is an Irish (imported from Ireland no less) wool plaid in rich blues, pinks, green and black. There is also a very cool insignia on the outer of each boot bearing the Chooka label. The footbed is black rubber with a low heel and a slightly pointed toe for a more equestrian look. The top of the boot is higher on the outside than on the inside, again giving it a riding boot appearance. The bottom portion of the boot is waterproof but the fabric portion is not although you can treat it with a water resistant product such as Scotch Guard.

A lot of fashion editors are really hyped about this boot so odds are it will be in high demand come fall when is it available.

Chooka also is launching their first wedge heel boot that will have a faux fur cuff, a'combat boot' looking lace up rain boot not to mention a multitude of cool new patterns that range from abstract to conservative, dots to florals, Hello Kitty (women's and children's) to Thomas the Tank Engine.

So make room in your closet this summer for all of those cool new rain boots you will need and want come fall. These won't be your mom's old yellow gollashes....

Fly The Hungry Skies

On a recent business trip to New York which was a good four and a half hours on the longest leg, I was amazed to discover that airlines are no longer serving snacks.

I discovered on a previous trip to NYC that you have to buy their boxed lunches. (Yea yea. I don't get out much). Okay, fine. But....they ran out of ev-er-y-thing TWO ROWS BEFORE ME.

Not only do you make me pay extra for food but then you RUN OUT??

I didn't get to eat until 7 at night. I was only saved by the melted chocolate I found at the bottom of my handbag and my Orbit Gum.

Hershey has some killer new chocolate.

So now there are no snacks.

No snacks.

No peanuts.

No pretzels.





That's pretty cheap.

I am dreading my next flight (to Hawaii in June which cost me my first born although he doesn't know it yet).

I am betting it will be B.Y.O.A.

Bring your own air.