Friday, February 27, 2009

WTF Happened with the E*Trade Videos?

So I just noticed that the E*Trade baby videos didn't post.

Well that stinks.

Go to E*Trade's website to view them all.

Totally worth it as honestly they are super funny. And who doesn't need a good chuckle these days.

In my house we have been getting hours of entertainment from these 30 second clips.

My kids run around the house singing "Broken Wings" *by Mr. Mister. Poorly, I might add.

*See the Singing Baby ad for this to make sense.


Facebook--Such a Time Vampire

Okay I have finally gotten sucked into Facebook.

I tried for a long time to avoid it but I have reconnected with so many people that I am hooked.

I have to see what everyone is doing.

All. The. Time.

And now that I have the Facebook app on my beloved iPhone....Lord help me. Such a slippery slope.

I currently only have 49 friends but find more and more people everyday.

Anyone else wanna be my friend?


DLL Rainwear in the Media

During March and April, DLL Rainwear will be featured in a variety of media.

Check them out and maybe you will be rewarded with some handy coupon codes as well! (published a few days ago!)

We will also have some items featured in the April editions of Cookie Magazine as well as Health Magazine.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving to Forks? Check THIS out!

Today DLL Rainwear had a fricken awesome article published at Seventeen Magazine's online site.

Here is the title:

Wanna Be Bella? Check out This Special Deal on Cute Forks-Appropriate Rain Gear!


How did I never think of that considering my obsession over all things Twilight?
Sheesh. I must be losing it.

The article shows our private label Feminista rain boot, on sale now for a mere $39.95. Even Alice would have to get a pair at THAT price! (Or maybe a couple pairs since civilized, fashion-forward vampires don't ever wear anything twice).
Oh and there is a coupon code listed in the article as well in case you too have plans to move to Forks to find your dream vamp.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Funny About the Stock Market...Except...

There really is nothing funny about the stock market these days....well except maybe E*Trade's commercials with the E*Trading baby.

In case you haven't seen these (normally I wouldn't as when you TiVo everything, watching commercials is taboo) here they are for your viewing pleasure. It is totally worth waiting for them to download.

The Golden Pipes

Shankapotamus Baby

Blackberry Baby

Creepy Clown

In the event you want to see all of these, they are all on E*Trade's website. My kids and I spent 15 minutes watching them over and over last night. Who needs a bedtime story when you can watch the funny baby???

P.S. Shankapotamus is my new favorite word. Be prepared to see it often in future blogs.


Monday, February 23, 2009

To Cell or Not to Cell

I was just talking to someone about my parents as I found out my mom went to the ER this morning for heart palpitations. That was 4 hours ago. I have yet to hear anything. I called their house and they aren't home yet. And although they have a cell phone, they never TURN IT ON.

So I am left waiting and wondering what's up. I'm sure she is fine....but ya know how it is. You still worry.

That cell phone thing got me thinking about a story my mom told me a few months ago. They had this archaic old phone that they never turned on because the battery would croak within about 30 minutes. To remedy that sitch, I gave them a phone I had that had a kick a$$ battery.

Do they turn their phone on now?


So anyway, my mom said they decided to sign up for this prepaid plan that gave them 200 minutes to use over the course of a year. It was cheaper than the plan they were on and since they aren't big cell phone users, it made sense to pay up front VS pay a monthly amount that cost more.

At the end of last year she was telling me about all of the minutes they had used.


Yes. They had like 196 minutes left.

How the heck do you only use 4 minutes on your cell over 365 days?

Well...I guess you actually have to turn ON your phone so you can CALL people or they can CALL you.



Friday, February 20, 2009

Soarin Over California

Oh my gosh!

I have discovered THE best ride.


Soarin Over California at Disney's California Adventure is absolutely amazing.

You sit ten across in this "hand glider" which is lifted in the air right in front of a large concave screen.

A movie of various areas of California are shown on the screen while the glider tilts to make you feel as though you are literally flying over the Golden gate Bridge, through orange groves, skimming the trees on a golf courses, trailing your feet in the ocean, swooping over deserts and through buildings in downtown Los Angeles at night...finally stopping over Disneyland during the fireworks shows. You can smell evergreens, the oranges and the salty ocean. You feel as though your feet will brush the tops of trees and trail in the water.

It is hands down the most fantastic ride I have ever been on.

Here is a YouTube video of it but nothing can do it justice except for actually experiencing it.

I understand they have the same or similar ride at Disney World as well.

I am a total ride wimp (no rollercoasters etc. for me) but LOVED this ride. The first time I had to close my eyes a couple times due to a bit of motion sickness but the next time I rode it I was fine.

My recommendation?

Spend half a day riding this over and over again. It gets better and better each time.


Friday, February 13, 2009


My kids have all next week off from school for what we call 'Ski Week' around here. I know lots of families who are going skiing. I don't ski. I hate the cold. And falling. And uncontrolled hurtling down a hill. And falling.

But I digress....

We decided to finally take our boys to Disneyland. They are 7 and 9 and have never been. It's about time.

Normally ski week is like spring break weather-wise. But this year...oh no. A pretty good storm is predicted. I've been eyeing (okay, obsessing over) the Weather Channel all week, multiple times a day. This little symbol that shows up each day we plan to be there does not bode well for our trip:

I am just hoping that is is a typical California rainstorm: meaning...sunny 99% of the time despite the dire weather warnings (seriously--anytime it is supposed to rain, we get severe weather warnings. Look out! Its......OH NO! Water falling from the sky! Aaaahhhhh!)

As an aside: Californians are like the Wicked Witch of the West (or was it East)? We melt in a good downpour (i.e. drizzle), our driving skills degrade significantly and our whining increases dramatically.

Yea, yea I know I work for a rain wear company. We will all be outfitted head to toe and completely rain-worthy.

But still.

Damn Mother Nature. Damn ski week.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gossip Girl in Her Sperry Sadie Rain Boots

Here is a great photo we found online from the set of Gossip Girl. Gotta love the Sperry Sadie Black Tweed rain boots Blair Waldorf is wearing!

Sperry Black Tweed Cuff Rain Boots: $54.95

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DLL Deal of the Month (well...maybe even longer...)

Right now, aren't we all looking for deals? Coupons, free shipping, free STUFF!!??

Of course we more than ever.

And here is a super great deal.

When you buy a pair of our DLL Raining Cats & Dogs rain boots and matching raincoat, you will get the umbrella for FAH--REEEEEEE.

And even better, the normal cost of this set is $129.85 but we are selling it for only $79.90.

Now that?

Is one heck of a bargain.

So not only do you save a whopping $50 but you will be outfitted head to toe and ready to roll the next time it is raining....well, cats and dogs!

Side note: In the photo, the boots look darker than the coat and umbrella but they are actually all a dark navy. The materials of the other items tend to photograph lighter.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Calories Burned

A couple of weeks ago I did a drop in spinning class. I was interesting to find out how many calories I burned during the one hour class so did a Goggle search for calorie counters.

I found a link for a Calorie Calculator and not only found out how many calories I sweated off but also got a couple of good chuckles as well.

This site boasts over 70 activities from which to choose and calculate your caloric usage.

Most are to be expected...swimming, jogging, walking, aerobics and the such.

But when I really got looking at the list...I found a, shall we say interesting, listings.

My two favorites are:

Kicking and Staking.

I am laughing right now just thinking about those two.

Let's start with kicking.

It does not say Kick Boxing, Karate or anything like that (those are actual separate activies). Just kicking. Who the hell walks around flailing their legs for exercise?

I've determined this MUST be when someone is pitching a fit and kicks in frustration.

For a 160 pound person who "kicks" for 30 minutes, you will burn 250 calories.

Good to know that when I get pissed off and kick, I am also getting a decent workout. (I figured out my tantrum-inclined son burns about 100 calories during a 'kicking' episode. )

Now...onto Staking.

Huh. I have really thought about this and the only thing I can come up with is that this is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing. She was always staking the vamps to kill them. So that HAS to be it right?

Let's say Buffy has a light night of staking vamps, only 30 minutes. Let's also say she weighs in at 115 pounds ($#@^& skinny Buffy). Buffy will only burn a mere 158 calories staking the bloodsuckers VS the 30 minutes of kicking for the heavier person.

(BTW according to Edward in Twilight, you can't kill vampires that way so she is wasting her breath and her time). Ha!

Stake THAT, Buffy.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Lost My Cookies

My apologies for my unexcused absence from blogging.

I ran a cleaner (called Crap Cleaner) on my laptop a few weeks ago and since then Blogger wouldn't let me log in.

Apparently the crap that was cleaned was critical bloggin cookies.

I can understand that.

Me love cookies, too.

I have been trying to fix the issue to no avail but suddenly for no apparent reason Blogger let me in.

Honestly...I did NOTHING.

Strange but I'll take it.

So I'll be back, bloggin away. Assuming this wasn't a fluke and my cookies will once again disappear or something.

Maybe Cookie Monster is eating my cookies.

Little blue hairy cookie-eatin' monster.

Look! There he is, eating my blogging cookies!!!