Monday, March 29, 2010


Last night I had my first experience with the latest exercise craze called Zumba. I know, I know, I'm behind but some of us have been busy dealing with the Oprah Effect.

I learned some interesting things while 'Zumbaing'.

The first is, my dance moves are stuck in the 80s. Fergie, JLo and Shakeria I am not (yes I know, a devastating blow.) I have a new found respect for those women who can shake their bootie. It's actually pretty darn hard to do. And honestly, I've always been scared that once I got it shaking that it might just keep on going, like a centrifugal force thing.
The second is, I am in pretty good shape despite my lack of hip-shimmy skills. I had heard horror stories about women dropping like flies in a puddle of sweat on the dance floor from Zumba-induced fatigue. I was neither doused in sweat (a healthy glow yes) nor keeling over from overexertion.

The third is, my back is KILLING me today. Apparently all those hand moves I thought were silly actually DO work your muscles. Huh.

The fourth is, I really need a jaunty hat to wear like the guy on the website.* I'm thinking this one:

The fifth is, I think I might just go back and do it again.

Once I can lift my arms above my head again that is. After all, I need to be able to put on my fedora.
*I haven't done any of the DVDs shown on the website I linked to. I just referenced that site to give those of you unfamiliar with Zumba some info.


Monday, March 15, 2010

DLL Rainwear on the O List!!

That title bears repeating:

DLL Rainwear is on the O List!!

You have no idea how excited we are about this. For years we've been asked to submit various product samples for features and always we've gotten the "Thanks but no thanks" response. Once we ALMOST made it but our product got dropped at the last minute.

But the unending perseverance of our PR company, Push the Envelope, finally paid off. And we got CENTER STAGE!!

The response has been overwhelming, which is apparently something called the Oprah Effect. If you haven't already gotten your Totes Primary Dots Bubble Umbrella, run don't walk to our website and buy yours today.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Homeroom Rain Boots Meet Blue Tulle

This gorgeous little princess is Ava, my good friend's daughter. Ava is all about couture and has done Carrie Bradshaw proud by matching her blue tulle fairy dress with her Western Chief Homeroom rain boots. Who knew tulle skirts and rubber boots were two good things that went so well together? Ava and Carrie of course.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Dynamic Duo: DLL Rainwear & Amazon

DLL Rainwear has always sold our products on Amazon but in late December, we began using Amazon as our fulfillment vendor.

This means that Amazon warehouses and ships out orders on behalf of DLL Rainwear. So far, this new partnership has been a really great move for us.

We have a new website with a updated look and feel, we are able to accept more payment methods since all orders are processed through Amazon, we are better able to manage inventory and we have the support of a great team of Amazon employees.

The main disadvantage is that Amazon doesn't offer us the ability to ship product internationally to our customers. We are hopeful that Amazon will open up international shipping to their vendors in the near future so we can once again have people worldwide Puddle Stomping in Style.

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The Drought is Over

I don't mean the California drought although hopefully that is the case but rather the severe, unacceptable lack of my blogging for the past six months. Oh how I have let my DLL fans down. Sorry 'bout that. Won't happen again.

And now, let the blogging begin.

Buckle up and brace yourselves. It's gonna be a wild ride.