Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Feminista Boot Helps Raise Money for Breast Cancer

DLL Rainwear is helping to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research with our Private Label Feminista rain boots.

Pink, feminine and sassy, these rain boots encompass all things girly. They are just the right boots to help in the fight against breast cancer.

For every pair of Feminista rain boots sold in the month of October, DLL Rainwear will donate $9 (15%) of the purchase price to the American Cancer Society.

DLL's Feminista boots are also featured in Marie Claire's Breast Cancer Awareness Products List (we are #13) and will be in Woman's World's October issue as well.

So grab a pair of fun Feminista boots for the rainy season and help a good cause at the same time.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Jumping Frogs

Doesn't this look fun!! Looking forward to lots of puddles this rainy season.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman

I just heard this morning on TV (I am a little behind) that Paul Newman died yesterday.

How sad.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Such an Unfortunate Name

I was working at our warehouse on Friday and while driving back from lunch I noticed a sign promoting a local candidate running for office. Said candidate had a very unfortunate name:


Nuthin more need be said.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Scream for Normal Ice Cream

I read an article recently that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) actually asked the co-founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to stop using cow's milk in their ice cream and to start using.....

Human breast milk.




"PETA officials say a move to human breast milk would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies on factory farms and benefit human health."

Okay, so the health benefits I agree with but how many people do you know who actually drink mom's milk after say age 2?

Hopefully not too many.

Especially not people who are old enough to drive.

And they think the cows don't like it? Where in the heck do they think they are going to get hundreds of thousands of lactating mothers who are willing to be milked? I know I was D.O.N.E. being 'milked' after 12 months and two kids.

(And if they are worried about the baby cows, what about human babies?)

Thankfully Ben & Jerry said thanks but no thanks.

Otherwise we all might be eating a new flavor of ice cream called Mama's Lactation Sensation.

Or Colostrum Concoction.


I'll stick with good old cow's milk, thanks.

I doubt she would look this happy if she was eating her own breast milk!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Boots by Jeffrey Campbell

We recently got some cool new boots in stock by Jeffrey Campbell. They have faux fur lining for extra warmth, a new more modernized buckle and gorgeous, colorful designs.

Fur Lined Purple Flower rain boots: $69.95

Fur Lined Orange Paisley: $69.95


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Rain Boots Fit by Brand

I get a lot of inquires about how our boots fit so thought I would share a little information via our blog.
Just like regular shoes, not all rain boots fit the same. Some run big, some small, some narrow.

The fit guidelines provided below are just that--guidelines. If your feet are wide or slender, if you have athletic calves or a high instep, all of these things will change the fit. Sometimes you just need to try on some boots to see what works best.

Here are some general fit guidelines for the brands of boots/rain shoes we carry. If you ever have any doubts, please contact us for measurements. We are always more than happy to help.


In general, these boots fit most women true to size. If you wear a half size, buy up to the next whole size.

  • Chooka
  • DLL Rainwear's Feminista boots
  • Sperry
  • Western Chief
  • Bogs
  • Jeffrey Campbell Fur Lined boots (Artist Print, Orange Paisley, Wales, Purple Paisley, etc.)
  • L'Atitude
  • Tretorn Plask and Skerry Vinter boots, Karin shoes and Ballet flats
  • Hunter (these are taller than most of our boots. Be careful if you have large calves.)


In general, these brands fit most women a full size large. Half sizes buy down to the closest whole size. Whole size go down one full size. (i.e. If you wear a 9, an 8 will most likely fit best).

  • Capelli
  • Hatley
  • Tamara Henriques
  • DLL Rainwear's Raining Cats and Dogs & Black and White Floral boots
  • Jeffrey Campbell unlined Artist Print, Wales
  • Tretorn Ballena boot
  • Esschert Design


  • Jeffrey Campbell rain flats (Buy up one size)
  • Jeffrey Campbell Tall Welly rain boots (Buy up 2 sizes.)
  • Jeffrey Campbell cowboy style rain boots (Buy up one size)


Most of the men's boots we carry (Western Chief and Chooka especially) fit a full size big. Rothco boots tend to fit more true to size.

Most of the children's boots we carry fit at least a half size large.

If you still have questions please feel free to email us anytime. We are more than happy to provide measurements or any other information that will be helpful.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rain Boot Tattoos

I posted a blog a few days ago about two women in Florida who were wearing their rain boots during Hurricane Ike.

One of them loves her Chooka Tattoo City boots so much, she got them permanently 'inked' on her!

Now that?

Is pretty darn cool.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Alien Alert

Has anyone seen a little alien splish splashing through puddles? Or maybe even Trick or Treating on Halloween?

Hatley has some of the most original and adorable children's rain gear designs that are just perfect for dreary wet days and spooky Halloween nights.

Covered with silly aliens and funky space craft, this matching Hatley Alien rain wear set is the perfect costume that can be worn over and over again.

A little green face paint. some antenna and a few cute aluminum space ships hanging from the umbrella and


you are set for Trick or Treating.

And the next time the rain comes pouring down, your child gets to dress up all over again.

These Hatley Alien rain wear items can be found on our website. The boots (sizes toddler 6 to 11) are $29.95, the coat (sizes 2T to 7) is $34.95 and the childproof umbrella is $16.95.

More great Halloween rain gear ideas to come....

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Argh, Me Hardy!

Did you know that September 19th is International talk Like A Pirate Day?
Neither did I until one of my friends, a pirate lover, told me.

Apparently this happens every year on this date.

At least is has for the past 7 years.

If you be a pirate lover, check out this website for more info.

Next year, I am so gonna be prepared.

With me grog and me treasure map and me eye patch.

Argh, you landlubbers! Shiver me timbers and land ho!

(Just practicing!)


Friday, September 19, 2008

The Ultimate Burger...?

I recently stumbled upon a a blog called "Cake Wrecks" which posts photos and descriptions of cakes that go "Horribly, Hysterically Wrong." It is worth taking a look so you know what NOT to do on your next cake making adventure.

This one, while not technically a cake, really grossed me out.

What appears to be a very tasty looking burger is....not.

Here is the description:

Known as the Monnow Valley Burger, this concoction consists of an extra thick beef patty, two slices of melted cheese, tomato, secret sauce, pickle and onions sandwiched between a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.


In a word...(okay two words)

Not. Happening.

Oh, and it has 1,000 calories and 45 grams of fat. (NO!? REALLY!?)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ode to Autumn

I love autumn.

All of the warm colors brightening the crisp days.

Pumpkins adorning doorsteps.

Falling leaves crunching beneath my feet.

Halloween anticipation.

Glowing fires at night.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes warming my chilly bones.

Lighting scented candles.

Curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea.

The clean smell of the first rain.



Dangerous Pants

I know.

You're thinking, "Dangerous pants?! What the hell is she talking about? How can pants be dangerous."

Oh ye of little dangerous slack ownership.

Let me enlighten you so you don't also fall prey to these dastardly clothing items.

I was sitting on my couch the other day with one foot on the floor and the other tucked underneath me, minding my own business trying not to die of boredom watching football.


Whaaa? Huh?? Oh sorry. I fell asleep from boredom typing about football.


I was wearing pants that can be rolled up and made into Capri's. They have cloth 'straps' that button on either side and hold up the rolled up bottom of the pant legs.

See lovely diagram below:

I stood up and for some reason, couldn't get one of my feet on the ground.

The I realized....my big toe was stuck in the strap on the inside leg of my pants. I couldn't get my toe out, was losing my balance and was far enough away from the couch that I couldn't sit back down.

So I fell. Luckily I missed the sharp edge of the coffee table and breaking the drinking glass I had in my hand.


Dangerous pants.

NOT clumsy, stupid me.

Ya hear??


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Puddle Stomping in Florida During Hurricane Ike

Now this is some serious Puddle Stomping! Two women in Florida wear their Chooka rain boots during hurricane Ike.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Exorcism Van

I blogged awhile back about a van I saw in my neighborhood that advertised exorcisms. I missed getting a photo of that van but I saw another one!

Yes, ANOTHER one.

Not the same van.

I am pretty sure I have seen at least three different vans. The first one I saw was black with all sorts of words and freaky graphics on it. It was a bit disturbing. But, really, what else would you expect from an exorcism van?

Here is a photo of the one I saw last week. Disturbing in a totally different way.



Is it me or is there something really....strange...about a van with hearts on it advertising exorcisms?

Maybe this van is for the "love exorcisms"?

Are there really enough people around here in need of exorcisms that this 'company' actually needs 3 vans?

Or maybe there actually ARE different kinds of exorcisms...thus the different van designs.

Specialized exorcisms.


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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Donate Blood

I donated blood yesterday.

My blood is always earmarked for someone specific.

Apparently I have 'special' blood that can be used for preemies and elderly people. There is something I haven't been exposed to that most people have been. Whatever this is, it isn't good to give blood with the associated antibodies to sick babies or elderly people.

I always imagine a little baby in the NIC-U needs my help.

How can you say no to that, right?

But even if you have 'normal' blood, there is always a need.

The need for blood is great--on any given day, approximately 39,000 units of Red Blood Cells are needed. Accident victims, people undergoing surgery, and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer, or other diseases, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia, all utilize blood. More than 29 million units of blood components are transfused every year. If you would like to donate blood, please use the locator below.

I encourage everyone to make time to donate and help save a life.

For more information about donating blood, visit the American Red Cross website. I've linked to their FAQ. Here is another good website, the Blood Bank Locator Map.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Words

I was out walking the dog last night and kept passing by a dad taking an evening stroll with his one year old daughter, Lexi.

Every time we passed them, Lexi kept pointing to Holly. She kept saying something but I couldn't hear what.

I finally stopped to chat with them and asked the dad if the little girl kept saying 'dog'.

He told me they also have a little dog and Lexie always points at her and says, "bad"!

Hhhhhmmmm. I guess their dog is also a bad dog like mine!!

That gave me a little chuckle.

Until, of course, MY dog lived up to her bad dog (more like damn dog) name by chewing through her harness.

I have decided this will be her Halloween costume.


Friday, September 12, 2008

John Mayer Has Competition

I really like the TV show "Prison Break". All the twists and turns and suspense and best of all...

Wentworth Miller.

Really, nothing more need be said.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

Visit the 911 September 11 2001 Memorial website for more photos.

Yesterday I barely recall what I wore or what I ate for dinner. But I remember 9-11-01 like it was this exact moment.

I was 6 months pregnant with my second son and my first son, Ryan, was about 20 months old. I woke up around 8am. My husband had already left for work. Ryan was still asleep so I sat down with my coffee and turned on the TV.

I had no idea what I was watching.

What I was seeing.

But it was on every channel.

And it was horrible.

It took me about 30 minutes to figure out that it was real.

I called my husband and asked him if he knew about it. He did, of course. He manages security at his company and they were in the throes of putting together a major security plan.

All he said to me was, "Stay inside. Don't go anywhere!"

So I did. I sat in front of the TV all day. Hugging my son.

Last year I went to New York and 'saw' Ground Zero. Or at least the fence around the giant hole in the ground. I also saw the flowers and pictures and posters that still adorn that area as well as the plaque in honor of all of the firefighters.

It still makes me feel very sad. And vulnerable. My heart literally aches thinking about it. It also makes me proud to be an America. How we as Americans bonded together like we never have before. I remember the flags flying from everyone's cars, flag pins on shirts, makeshift flags flying from freeway overpasses.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone on that day. May we as a country always feel this patriotism and pride. But not complacency.

And let us never forget. Ever.

And may we NEVER have to live through another 9/11.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Move Over, Mr. Spock. You Are Not the Only Vulcan on the Block.

In a previous post I mentioned that natural rubber needs to undergo a curing process called vulcanization to make it a usable material.

In its natural state, rubber is sticky and gets very gooey when exposed to heat and brittle when cold. If it gets wet, natural rubber basically dissolves into a big glop of slop.

Here is what rubber looks like coming straight from the source. It is actually called latex when being tapped from the rubber tree.

Good thing rubber is vulcanized or you would have some pretty useless rain boots.

Vulcanization, which involves using high heat and the addition of sulfur or other similar chemicals, makes the rubber more elastic and durable. And waterproof.

Vulcanization was named after Vulcan, the Roman God of Fire. Who apparently was not afraid to work with fire wearing only a red cape. Daring, daring man.

Had to hide his Roman jewels....this is a (somewhat) family-oriented blog after all.

What could he be pointing at anyway?? He sort of looks like a naked John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever".

I think John's dance partner's dress is made from Vulcan's red cape.

But I digress....

Vulcanization was not named after Mr. Spock, the Vulcan on Star Trek. Who had to be 99.9% clothed at all times. Those modest, non-Disco-ing Vulcans.....

Although Spock is a Vulcan, he's not the dude vulcanization was named for. Sorry, Spock.

Rubber is used in so many different everyday applications. Rubber bands, pencil erasers, hoses, tires....and rain boots to name just a few.

So let us give praise to our naked, disco-ing Roman God of Fire, Vulcan, for the process named in his honor which allows us to erase a mistake, put our hair up in ponytails, drive safely and.....

Puddle Stomp in Style!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vegan Rain Boots??

Here is a question I was asked awhile ago. Thought I would pass on this tidbit as I found it interesting (I learned something new having to research this answer).

"Are your rain boots vegan?"

The answer......Nope.

Although the majority of our boots are made from natural rubber, they go through a curing process called vulcanization (more on that later). This process is critical as it without it rubber is basically useless. During vulcanization, various chemicals are added, some of which are animal based.

Which results in pretty much all rubber-based products from tires to rain boots to rubber bands not meeting the standard for vegans unless they are processed in a different way..

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Monday, September 8, 2008

DLL Rainwear Shipping Information-Services, Costs & More

I get a lot of questions about shipping. A lot. So I decided to spend some time and write up a boring but informative blog (hopefully) covering all you ever needed to know about shipping. So grab some snacks and a drink and settle down to read this lengthy (snore) blog.

Here is some basic information to help you choose the best shipping option to meet your needs.

Basic Shipping Information:
DLL Rainwear is located in California.

DLL uses UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service) to ship orders. The abbreviations look very much the same so be sure not to confuse them!

We ship orders Monday through Friday with the exceptions of national holidays.

When your order ships UPS you will receive an email notification with the tracking number and estimated delivery date.
Most UPS deliveries are made in the afternoon to early evening.

Orders shipped USPS including International orders, please contact us for tracking information. All international orders can be tracked at http://www.usps.com/.

Please take into account the day of the week and time of day you place your order as this will affect delivery. Orders placed after 1pm normally will ship the next business day. If you place your order Friday afternoon, it will not ship until at least Monday.

As we move into the busy season (October-February) please estimate at least 2 to 3 business days for us to process your order. For all other months, estimate 1 business day for processing. This will help you determine the best shipping option to choose to get your order in time.

Please note that we use the shipping address information exactly as you enter it when placing your order. A typo can delay your package.

All delivery times do not take into account possible inclement weather issues. These can also delay your delivery. You can check www.ups.com or www.usps.com for any weather-related updated affecting their services.

Example on How to Determine Your Best Shipping Service:

You live in New York and need to receive your order by the morning of Friday September 26th as you are going out of town. You want to use UPS Ground service to save money. You place your order on Thursday evening the 18th.

Your order will most likely be processed Friday the 19th. But Ground service will take about 7 business days to get from our warehouse in California to New York. To receive you package in time, UPS 3 Day service will get your parcel to you on Wednesday the 24th.

United Parcel Service/UPS:
Best and least expensive option for contiguous 48 states and physical street addresses (no PO Boxes).

UPS does not operate on holidays or weekends. Please take this into account when you place your order as it will affect delivery time.

UPS only delivers to physical street addresses. If you have a PO Box, please choose a USPS service.

Track your order at http://www.ups.com/.

UPS offers the following shipping services:

UPS Ground

Cost Approx. $10 for one pair of boots.

Delivery: 1-3 business days west coast, 5-7 business days east coast.

UPS 3 Day

Cost: Approx. $30 for one pair of boots.

Delivery: Transit time begins the day AFTER UPS receives package and takes 3 days.

Example: If we give UPS your package on Friday, the first in-transit day begins the following Monday. You will receive your package Wednesday.

UPS 2 Day

Cost Approx. $45 for one pair of boots.

Delivery: Begins the day package given to UPS.

Example: If we give your package to UPS on Friday, you will receive package on Tuesday.

UPS 2 Day AM -

Cost Approx. $55 for one pair of boots.

Delivery: Same as above only package delivered in the morning VS afternoon or evening.

Note: 2 Day A.M. service may not be available in all areas.

UPS Overnight/Next Day -

Cost Approx. $65 for one pair of boots.

Delivery: Next business day (not including weekends or holidays) normally in the morning to early afternoon.

Note: Overnight service may not be available in all areas.

USPS (United States Postal Service):

Only option for PO Boxes.

Best and least expensive option for Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO and international shipments .

Priority Mail and Express Mail services are available for most locations. Follow the links below for more details on each service.

Please note: We always recommend using UPS if at all possible especially if you have a choice between UPS and USPS. The USPS delivery times are not always met while UPS has a much better track record. UPS is also much better in the event a claim needs to be filed for a lost or damaged package.

USPS Priority Mail :

Delivery is NOT guaranteed but normally takes 2-4 days, including Saturdays. It can take up to 14 days.

Cost Approx $18 for one pair of boots.

USPS Express Mail:

Delivery is guaranteed and normally takes 1-2 days to most locations, including weekends.

Cost Approx. $30 for one pair of boots

Priority Air Mail or Express Air Mail for International Shipments:

Surface mail is no longer available. All parcels must ship air mail.

Customs and taxes are not included in shipping fees. Please contact your local postal office for more customs fee information.

DLL marks all packages as GIFT on customs forms. This does not guarantee duty will not be charged. Unfortunately we can't mark the value lower than it is worth.

Priority Air Mail:

Cost: Varies by location but is between $20 (Canada) to $40 (UK) for one pair of boots.

Delivery: 6-10 days to arrive in country. Customs processing can delay delivery.

It is cheaper to have multiple items shipped together. Weight and size restrictions must be met.

Note: 4 pound weight limit listed in above link is not applicable.

Express Air Mail:

Cost: varies by location but is between $32 (Canada) to $50 (UK) for one pair of boots.

Delivery: 4-6 days to arrive in country. Customs can delay delivery.

Note: Service is not available to all countries.

Below is an Excel file that provides shipping costs to various countries. Cost is broken down by weight/number of pairs of boots and shipping service.


As always, feel free to email us if you have questions.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shining New Neighbors

I was taking my dog for a walk one morning and passed by a house that had recently sold. An elderly couple had lived there and I think the new owners got it for a steal. (i.e. probably $400K for a run down ranch house).

With all of the money they saved (I say this with all sarcasm), they appear to be doing a lot of work on the inside of the house. One of the workers was standing in the driveway smoking as Holly and I passed by.

Being the chatty person I am, I said hi to him and asked if they were gutting the entire inside of the house.

And he says, "Gutting is what you do to a mean person. You demolish a house."


How do you respond to a comment like that?

This picture of Jack Nicholas in The Shining totally reminds me of that guy! REDRUM!

All I could think of was that he had sawsall's, hammers, axes and lots of other weapons...I mean tools...wait, I think weapons IS correct....inside that house.

Holly and I skeedaddled outta there as fast as our 6 legs would carry us.

I really gotta stop talking to strangers.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adios, Ranas

A few days ago I got an email from someone asking where-oh-where had the Men's Froggie boots gone.

I have sad news.

We had planned to get more and I even had a notice on the website that we would have them in July.

But we can't. At least not right now.

Originally we had been able to order 100 pairs. The manufacturer that makes the cute matching women's and kid's frog boots allowed us to tack onto one of their production runs to make men's sizes.

Well this time, they want us to buy 1,200 pair.

If you are mathematically challenged like me, that is 1,100 more than last time. (I had to use a calculator to figure that out. Just kidding. I'm not that bad. But close.)

That be a lot of big honkin' frogs to find storage for. We just don't have the room, sadly enough.

So for now...no Men's Frog boots.

We do plan to (hopefully) bring them back at some point. When I hear anything more, I'll be sure to let all you Frogophiles know.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Ah...Inflation...How I Hate Thee.

I don't drive a lot (home...school...home...Target....home....Target...well, you get the drift) so I only need to fill up my car about once every two weeks. The last time I got gas, I noticed it had gone down to $3.91 (and a few days later went down again to $3.89-dammit).

But needless to say I was quite happy to see gas under $4 a gallon, despite the fact that had I waited a few days I could have saved an additional whopping $1.60. That is, after all, a 1/3 the cost of a Vente Starbucks latte (otherwise know as person fuel).

That gas-per-gallon reverie was shattered shortly thereafter...
My mom mentioned to me that my dad was cleaning out his closet a few weeks back. He happened to find a gas receipt in a pocket of a pair of pants. It was from 1982 (yea, I know. He needs to go through his crap a lot more often. I was just starting high school for crying out loud!) for 10 gallons of gas.

The total?

Sit down....seriously.

The total was $13.00.
Thirteen dollars.

For 10 gallons.

And that was A LOT back then. Or so she said. I couldn't drive so don't recall.

For the average fill up back then, it would be around $26. Today...what? Close to $100. Ugh.

You pretty much $uck.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

LONG Commute

This person must be really lazy....

fail owned pwned pictures

The boat I can see, but the car?! Come on!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home Sweet Zoo

My dog, Holly, whom I have written about quite a few times in this blog, is notorious for bringing a variety of flotsum and jetsum into the house. Leaves, flowers, paper scraps...sticks being her favorite as those are oh-so-satisfying upon which to chew. And leave tiny, itsy bitsy pieces of stick all over my carpets. But better than my socks or the earphones for my iPhone...

But I digress.

The other morning, she brought in a stick which I wrestled from her before it got gnawed upon. Later in the day, I see yet another stick on the rug. Damn dog.

As I am reaching down to pick it up, I notice....

It is not a stick.

It is a quite large alligator lizard (probably brought inside by Cougar, my cat).

See? It totally blends in with the log. Thus the stick mistake on my part.

OMG. How glad I am that I didn't touch that thing!!?? And it should be plenty glad as well.

Case in point:

When I was a teenager, I discovered a lizard living in a potted plant on my nightstand. I'd wake up with it's beady reptilian eyes glaring at me.

AAAAAHHHH! I don't know how many times that thing scared the cr@p out of me.

One day I saw it sitting on my windowsill. I figured I would get a trashcan, put it under the sill and use a broom to sweep the little bugger into and dump, uh, I mean release, him outside.

Best laid plans....

So I got all of my 'gear' and was about to proceed with Operation Lizard Removal when the lizard decided to start running RIGHT AT ME.

I freaked out and smacked it.

With the stick end of the broom.

Um.....yea....serious oops.

Needless to say, it didn't survive.

Sorry little lizard.

To this day, I feel really, really bad about killing the poor thing. (So anyone with P.E.T.A., please no hate mail, okay?)

Back to present day...

I was off to find something in which to trap Senor Gecko when the dog found the lizard. She chased him under our couch.

Which is a huge sectional. No way anyone is picking it up to look underneath.

I'm a little concerned that I might look up from watching TV and see those beady eyes staring at me:

He is pretty mad at me for killing his mom's dad's grandma's brother's son's cousin all those years ago. Can't say as I blame him, really.

Long story short, the lizard snuck its way out into the kitchen and was rescued from harm by my husband.

No fatal broomstick indentations this time around.

You are one lucky suckah, Mr. Alligator Lizard.

If you know what's good for you, don't come back inside when I'm sweeping.


Freeway Footwear

While on our way to the beach this past weekend, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of shoes lying willy nilly on the highway we were traveling on. I saw two separate discards on the 20 minute drive.

I've noticed this before...a random sneaker lying in the median. Just one. An adult shoe too, not a little kid shoe. And they also seem to be mostly running shoes.

Hhmmm....How did they get there? And why just one lone sole?

Do some people have shoe Tourrett Syndrome and they can't help but chuck their footwear out their car windows while driving 60MPH?

Is this some kind of driving game to occupy the time on the road, kinda like bocce ball?

"Okay kids. Let's see who can throw daddy's sneaker closest to the median cement wall!"

Apparently I am not the only one to wonder about this. Here is another link. And this link especially.

Maybe it's a road rage thing..."Damn you, suckah! Take THIS" (as a shoe is hurled toward the offending car). But do these people take OFF their shoes while in transit or have extras just lying around?

Or it could be people on the way to the gym to meet their personl trainers:

"I guess I can't work out today. I just don't know WHAT happened to my other shoe! I brought both of them with me. Sure, you can search my car."

Could it be from car accidents where someone was literally knocked right out of their shoe? But if so, why just sneakers?

Maybe sneakers are only allowed on the sides of freeways, pumps on highways, Mary Janes on byways, etc., like a segregated discarded shoe society.

This whole freeway footwear thing may be something for many of us to ponder and no yet answer will ever surface.

The X-Files of Lost Soles....

So I leave you with this little conundrum for today. If anyone has the answer to this little shoe median mystery, please do enlighten me. Otherwise it might just keep me up at night....

P.S. There is apparently a brand of shoes called....Freeway Footwear.


Maybe they toss shoes over American roads as their way of advertising! I never would have known about that brand had I not Googled the term looking for pictures. (I named this blog BEFORE I knew about that brand, BTW.)


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Customers

I received these two great customer emails and thought I would share.

I just received a pair of your boots I ordered for my 3-year-old daughter. She starts school next week and will be wearing a traditional private school uniform for the next 13 years. The only things I could show any personality with are things like her rain boots. We looked at a website to find a rain poncho that she really liked (not an easy task) and then found your site through Amazon. The boots are simply perfect and were really good quality and shipped quickly. They match perfectly with the Cow poncho she selected and she looks simply adorable. Your customer service department has been great!


M. Wilson

and another.....

I received my order on Wednesday. The boots are perfect, thank you! I wish I could have said more, because you are awesome! I will definitely be back to order some stuff for my kids. Thanks again!

T. Sailly, Washington